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Vendors & Products

Here are several of the vendors and products that we solicit and use

Green Home Company

Poly-Soy™ Protective Clear Finish Topcoat is an interior/exterior high performance bio-based penetrating topical coating system that seals and protects concrete, wood, plaster, stucco, and more. Poly-Soy™ is made from an industrial grade soy ester resin technology, a rapidly renewable resource material that is able to replicate oil modified polyurethane coatings without the odor or toxicity. It is a self-leveling coating system that provides a superior protective satin or gloss finish to help resist substrate damage caused by weather, stains, moisture, and commercial foot traffic.

Poly-Soy™ is the preferred environmentally compliant solution that will effectively replace polyurethane and lacquer products delivering safe application, fast return to service, and no toxic off-gassing. Use Poly-Soy™ over decorative concrete wood decks, wood floors, architectural features, cabinetry, and furniture, integral colored substrates, or painted surfaces to provide a protective and beautiful topcoat finish. Available in Satin & Gloss Finish.

Green Home Company

TimberSoy™ is the world's leading bio-based penetrating natural wood stain technology that outperforms all other wood stain products. A professional grade natural wood stain made from soybean oils that preserves wood surfaces and creates a beautiful, rich natural look. Unlike conventional wood stains, soy esters actually penetrate into the growth rings and continue to spread and seal throughout the wood all year around. In addition, TimberSoy™ technology contains the only 100% solids, bio-based zero-VOC colorant pigments that are the most colorfast in the industry. This combined chemistry delivers true penetration, excellent wood preservation, and enhances wood protection. Naturally resists UV, mold, mildew, and moisture for long term results.

TimberSoy™ is virtually odorless and contains no hazardous ingredients. Installers also enjoy an error-free, lap mark-free installation. The smooth, consistent viscosity applies effortlessly by HVLP sprayer, B&D Stain Stick, foam applicator pad, or cloth.

NOTE: TimberSoy™ comes in 1 gallon neutral tint bases (5 gallons available as a custom order); colorant packs must be purchased separately and mixed into the tint bases (each colorant can colors 1 gallon of tint base.

For a greater range of colors, check out the colorant packs from SoyCrete™.
SoyCrete™ and TimberSoy™ colorant packs can be used interchangeably with both tint bases. Sample sizes (pre-mixed) are also available.

Green Home Company

  • Lustrous, satin wood finish engineered from natural oils and waxes
  • Penetrating finish preserves the natural feel of the wood - not plastic underfoot
  • Low-VOC and low-toxic
  • Easily maintained and spot-repairable with full line of accessories
  • Suitable for all interior wood work: flooring, furniture, wood trim, cabinets + unglazed tile such as terra cotta and cork
  • Simple application for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike

Not to be confused with traditional oil finishes, OSMO Hardwax Oil is an engineered finish made with plant oils and waxes, plus just enough highly refined mineral spirits to allow easy application. This remarkable finish offers excellent durability and renewability with a unique lustrous finish. It will never crack, blister or flake off. Instead of forming a plastic film, like polyurethane does, OSMO Hardwax Oil has open pores that "breathe." This allows any moisture that does get through to get back out again without pushing off the finish.

OSMO Polyx-Oil, the original Hard Wax Oil, is made from readily renewable, natural ingredients: 2 natural waxes (carnauba and candelilla) and 3 natural oils (sunflower, soybean, and thistle). It preserves the look and feel of real wood because it is not a plastic coating over your floor - instead it penetrates and strengthens the wood grain from within.

OSMO Polyx-Oil contains no biocides or preservatives, and when dry it is safe for humans, plants and animals. Polyx-oil meets European safety standards for use on children's furniture and toys and resistance to perspiration and saliva.

Because it is micro-porous, Hardwax Oil performs very well in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens. It meets German standards for resistance to stains from wine, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice and, of course, beer.

Green Home Company

Environmentally friendly impregnation oil for wooden floors based on refined vegetable oils and waxes. With a solid content of 98%, Classic 100ProOil is a top product within its category. It is based on natural resources and results in discreet brilliance and a good resistance. Coloring is possible with Classic Base Oil Color as first coat.

Seal Once

Green product formulated for exterior use on properly prepared, unsealed wood surfaces such as decks, railings shingles, siding, fences, planters and furniture. Allow pressure-treated wood to age up to six months before applying.

  • Waterproofs, prevents mold and mildew; UV protection.
  • Penetrates wood up to 3/8".
  • Helps prevent cracking, splitting and warping.
  • Water-based, odorless and non-flammable.
  • Will not burn skin.
  • Will not harm fish, plants, pets, or livestock.
  • Clear formula maintains natural wood color.
  • Tinted formulas add color without hiding grain.
  • Safe to use over fresh and saltwater.
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