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About Expectation Restoration

Expectation Restoration is a division of Healthy Painting, L.L.C., established as a resource for projects other than standard interior and exterior painting.

Expectation Restoration provides beautiful, healthy, safe, responsible and superb quality cleaning, restoration, sealing and staining of:

All projects are afforded the same 100% guarantee and attention given to projects completed by and under the supervision of *Darryl Whalen, since the launch of his contracting business in 1978.

4 major points of our Low Impact Refinishing System are:

*Darryl Whalen has been a professional painting contractor since the summer of 1978, when he started out as a teenage handyman and helper in his northeastern Ohio neighborhood. In 1983, he formed Whalen Painting, which successfully operated until 2008, when Darryl decided to fully commit himself and his company to operating in the most ecologically responsible manner possible, with the focus being on health and safety.

In the past five years, along with the interior and exterior painting work that Healthy Painting L.L.C. has done, Darryl and his company take on learning opportunities in the field of "green" education, have memberships in local like-minded organizations, volunteer and donate services in the community.

You can experience their passionate commitment through all of the Healthy Homecast Network businesses and educational programing.

The associates of Expectation Restoration, Healthy Painting, L.L.C. and The Healthy Homecast Network are always willing to learn and further educate themselves about new approaches, products and the evolution of sustainability. They are eager for feedback and invite comments, questions, & curiosities at any time.

Thank you,

Darryl Kneeling

Darryl Whalen
Expectation Restoration,
Healthy Painting, L.L.C. &
The Healthy Homecast Network

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